About Us

Kansat is a Satellite Television & Internet Equipment Supply and Installation Business located in the Cooloola/Wide Bay region of South East Queensland, Australia. We specialise in TV antenna, wireless Internet, and satellite dish installations for TV or Internet in the local area. We are your Australian Government approved digital advisor and Australian Government approved antenna installer for domestic, commercial and satellite systems.

Free to air Television

TV Antennas

We supply and install digital terrestrial TV antennas, digital receivers, and equipment for reception of the local digital television channels. We use quality high gain television antennas that work very well in poor reception areas.

Digital Australian free-to-air TV via Satellite

It is possible to receive Australian free-to-air television via satellite. For those who live outside the coverage of their local terrestrial television services, this new satellite television service will ensure that they can enjoy the benefits of digital television. With the launch of the new Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) service, all free-to-air digital television services, including the original three commercial and two national channels, and the new digital services such as ABC2, ABC3, SBS TWO, GO!, 7TWO and ONE HD, will be available to all Australians, no matter where they live. Also included are the radio channels ABC Dig, ABC Jazz, SBS Radio 1, SBS Radio 2.


International TV channels are a rich source of intelligent, informative and entertaining program material, providing a real alternative to local broadcasts, and they are available for free!

Portable Satellite TV Systems

Perfect Reception Anywhere you stop

With one of our portable systems, you can have perfect reception every time in only minutes.

Everything you need

Our portable systems aimed at caravaners contain everything you will need to easily set up and watch TV wherever you stop.

Broadband Wireless and Satellite Internet


If you live in an area where you are unable to have an ADSL Internet service, wireless Internet using a 3G service is often the best option. We can provide a portable USB modem and install an external antenna if required so you can receive fast wireless Internet.

Satellite - Available anywhere in Australia

Because it relies on a satellite dish for downloads, you can have access to broadband internet regardless of where you are situated.

Quality Guarantee

We use only quality, proven products and stand behind our equipment with warranty back up.

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