What is Free to Air Satellite Television?

There is a fascinating array of international channels which can be received for free with a satellite dish and receiver. All channels are broadcast in digital format, which means you get crystal clear pictures and CD quality sound on every channel. With one of these systems you can receive free TV and radio channels available from countries all over the world.

What do I need to receive these channels?

To receive free to air satellite TV and radio channels you need a dish and digital satellite receiver. There are many equipment choices available to you, with a range of quality receivers and different sized dishes (2.3m and 65 cm pictured below). Most of the channels are only available on the 2.3m mesh dish (pictured below left), though there are a number of free to air channels available that can be received with a small 65cm (pictured below right) or 90cm dish. For almost every channel available (200+) the combination of a motorized 2.3m dish and attached K-band LNBF is a common choice. Dishes can be mounted on the roof or on a post on the ground. Extra points can be cabled upon installation, allowing you to watch satellite TV in another room as well.

2.3m Dish on a ground mount Satellite receiver Small 65cm dish

A satellite receiver, when combined with a small separate positioner provide digital free to air reception and automatic dish alignment on channel change. This means all you have to do is select the channel you want to watch, everything else is automatic.

Can I add to a system in the future?

Yes. If you have a single dish installed, other dishes can be added in the future quite easily. Also if you opt for a fixed 2.3m dish system, we can add an actuator in the future for tracking multiple satellites (thereby adding many more channels). There are also a number of other functions that can be added, including extra TV outlet cabling (so you can watch satellite TV in another room), remote extenders (so you can change channel from another room), and AV senders (to wirelessly send the satellite signal to another room).

Do the channels change very often?

The channels available are always changing, many channels have been broadcast free for years on the same satellite while others may switch to a different satellite (requiring a dish realignment for fixed dishes). Some channels are free for some months then become encrypted (ie unavailable). Therefore with some channels you take your chances, as they may suddenly dissappear, however most channels are relatively permanent. New channels are always appearing as well, and new satellites when launched add to the range of channles available. We provide a free newsletter via email with information on new channels or services as they become available. Subscribe Here or click the link on the left.

Most satellite channels now have program guides available online. See the Satellites & Channels page for links.Please note that the permanent availability of any particular channel is beyond our control

* All equipment and labour is guaranteed for 1 Year.