Eternal Word Television Network

The Catholic channel, EWTN, is freely available via satellite direct to home.

EWTN's vast array of programming includes powerful documentaries, weekly series hosted by leading scholars of the Catholic faith, live coverage of Church events, prayers and devotionals, seasonal music specials, and the ever-popular, award-winning Mother Angelica Live show hosted by Mother Angelica, EWTN's founder, every Tuesday and Wednesday night.Mother Angelica

There are also children's programmes, drama series, cinema and daily devotions.

See the program guide for the Pacific Rim on the EWTN website.

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Equipment Required

EWTN is now funding the retransmission of their channel via the Optus B3 satellite in Australia and New Zealand.
This means that a small dish system can now be purchased for free to air reception of EWTN along with other Christian channels from the USA and a number of foreign channels. See the Lyngsat list for this satellite. 
This makes the price only $495.00 installed in most areas, more in remote areas.
Remember to visit the EWTN secure website and donate to help pay for this convenience!

Direct International Reception

To receive EWTN via the USA source you will need the following equipment, the 3m dish is required in the southern most regions of Australia, contact us to find out which dish you would require. 2.3m EWTN dish

2.3m Kit

  Kit Price - $895 - Including GST and freight in Australia

  Installed - $1490 - (depending on location)

3m Kit

  Price - $1395 - Including GST and freight in Australia

Other Channels available with system

The EWTN channel is broadcast in the NTSC colour system which the eMTech and Strong receivers can convert automatically to PAL. The system also receives the following free channels from Panamsat 8:

For a current listing of channels available, please check the Panamsat 8 page at LyngSat here.