Satellite Internet

For those in rural and remote regions, out of range of broadband options such as ADSL and cable, there is now a government funded scheme to provide broadband Internet to people in rural areas. Under this scheme installation costs are greatly reduced, with many Internet service providers offering no installation costs, just the monthly fee for the plan you choose.

Two way satellite internet is for many their only way to a higher speed Internet connection. This system doesn't use any phone lines, all data is transmitted and received via the satellite dish. This is a reliable system and offers download speeds comparable to ADSL and other broadband options available in the cities.

This is a great opportunity for those out of range of ADSL and cable, as previously the costs involved for 2-way satellite were very high. For up to date information on plans and prices, give us a call on 0754857240 or email to


Portable Satellite Internet

We can also now offer a portable satellite Internet system for people on the move. This system can be set up in minutes and provides you with a telephone and Internet connection anywhere in australia.

Contact us for current price and plan options.

Roadcase in operationRoadcase box

Service Providers

We provide and install quality dish antennas for data reception from your chosen satellite data supplier. We offer professional installation on engineer-designed and built mounting hardware.

Below is an example of a Patriot 3.1 metre solid dish installed by Kansat for an ISP in country Queensland.

3m Patriot dish